S3control 2019.1 Released

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Sciencesoft are happy to announce the latest release of S3control is now available. This includes a number of new features and improvements:

TNavigator Support

S3control now supports the loading and native running of TNavigator models.

Multiple Simulator Manual Support

Each supported reader can now handle a collection of manuals to open and link to. This allows multiple versions to be stored and used with compatible models.

Adding Wells

Simple wells can now be added into your model using the new well editor from the Wells concept view.

Adding Faults

Adding faults has been available in S3control since last years release. In 2019 we further enhance the feature by allowing a fault to be added by clicking on cells on the grid.

Derived Variables Enhancements

2019 sees the introduction of arrays in the Variables feature of S3control.

Conceptual Variables

For the first time the Concepts and Variables feature are now linked together. Some concepts like reference depth and contact depths can now be used as variables.

Editor Settings Control

The text editor now has a dedicated options panel in the main application settings page.

Redesigned Simulator Manual

For 2019 a new PDF viewing control has been added which has better memory efficiency and simple user interface.

Please contact Sciencesoft Support to upgrade

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