S3GRAF 2019.1 Released

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Sciencesoft are happy to announce that the latest release of S3GRAF v2019.1 is now available. The new features to be found in the latest version of S3GRAF are outlined as follows:

Workflow Manager

The Workflow Manager is a new way of using the power of S3GRAF for plotting, creating new quantities and performing analyses. Workflows capture a standard reservoir engineering task and allows it to be recreated quickly and easily from the Workflow Manager.
The Workflow Manager presents all the included workflows in an easily navigable list that can then be selected for application. The user can then set the relevant properties, based on the loaded data, to produce the analyses and information required.

The workflows have been substantially improved for this release. Further details can be found in the following Sciencesoft Support Portal site: http://support.sciencesoft.com/hc/en-us/articles/207518436

Support for large Nexus/VIP PLT files

Improved support for Nexus/VIP Plot (PLT) files to read files larger than 4GB.

Additionally there is a new option to convert very large PLT files into an accessible database that can support Fetch on Demand via the HPG licence module.

Layer Analysis, Sample naming

It is now possible to define a name for the Sample dataset output by the Layer Analysis process

Please contact Sciencesoft Support to upgrade

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