Viewing Videos on the Support Portal

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As part of our support portal we will include a number of video tutorials for our software products. These are hosted on YouTube and embedded in relevant articles on our support portal.

Video Control and Quality

These videos can be played using the conventional YouTube video controls (To launch the videos, click play ). The resolution for our videos will be 720p or higher, however YouTube will alter the quality of the video depending on screen size and bandwidth limitations. We recommned that videos be viewed in fullscreen using the button provided . This will automatically attempt to play the video at full quality if the internet connection is sufficient.


To keep our articles short and easy to navigate some videos will be condensed into a playlist with the article acting as a table of content for the playlist. To navigate the playlist use the button in the top left corner of the video to view all the videos available in the playlist . Use this to navigate the playlist or else use the Forward and Back controls to step between the available videos in sequence.

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